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Networking event took place with international students.

On December 3, 2018, a networking event took place for this year’s inbound students from Shandong University, China and Sungkyunkwan University, Korea. The event was intended to hear from these nice international students about their thoughts on the campus and the living environment as well as their study progress over the last three months since they arrived in Japan.

Faculty/staff members of the Course of Civil and Environmental Engineering joined the event to share their opinions with the students. Here are some of the feedback and comments received from the international students.

Daily living conditions (dormitory, food and scholarship) in general received good feedback from the students. They say that dormitory rooms back in China and Korea are warmer in winter as they have ondol or floor heating system. Although their current dormitory in Japan has air conditioning system, the students seemingly hesitate to use it too often because it makes their rooms very dry. Most students spend their scholarships for food and cook for themselves besides eating out at the campus cafeteria.

On the other hand, many students mentioned that Nagasaki University offers fewer courses than expected which are related to their own majors. This problem has been recognized at Nagasaki University as well. While universities in China and Korea start their academic year from September, Nagasaki University, where the quarter system is implemented, starts classes from April, which basically enables the international students to take courses offered only for the third and fourth quarters. Nagasaki University will make efforts to improve course availability through increasing the number of English courses offered at the Graduate School of Engineering and adjusting the course schedule offered throughout a year. We are dedicated to providing continuous support for the international students from both universities and helping them lead a fruitful life in Japan.