The 1st External Review Report is now completed.

We are pleased to announce that the first external review report has been completed and made available. The report is based on the results of the first external review committee for the Inter-University Exchange Project (CAMPUS Asia Project) which was conducted at Nagasaki University Bunkyo campus on July 23, 2018. The staff members of Nagasaki University are determined to further promote the project in accordance with the feedback received from the five committee members, chaired by Prof. Toyoaki Miyagawa, specially appointed emeritus professor of Kyoto University. Any request for the report should be sent to the project manager, Prof. Akihide Tada at atada★nagasaki-u.ac.jp. (Please replace ★ with @ when you send email.)

Download: PDF (Size: 588KB)


Mid-term review interview was conducted on the Inter-University Exchange Project (Selected in 2016)

On October 15, Prof. Akihide Tada, Vice President for International Exchange of Nagasaki University and Assoc. Prof. Seiji Suzuki of Graduate School Engineering accompanied by two administrative staff members participated in the interview as part of mid-term review process on the project. The interview took place at the office of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in Tokyo.

During the interview, Prof. Tada gave a brief explanation in line with the questionnaire sheet about the project and its achievements over the past two years, and then answered questions by judges.