Nagasaki University welcomed three long-term exchange students based on the Double Degree Program and two short-term exchange students based on the Credit Transfer System.

Following the departure of outbound students in early September, Nagasaki University accepted five exchange students including three DD students from Shandong University, China and two short-term students from Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.

In a similar way as last year, an introductory program was organized in September for all exchange students before the third quarter began. On September 5, the students attended an orientation hosted by Associate Professor Seiji Suzuki to learn about the university in general and to be informed on their class schedule and assignment of their supervisors and laboratories. International coordinators of this project warmly welcomed the students and provided more detailed information such as necessary procedures and precautions on daily life in Japan.

As part of the introductory program, basic Japanese lessons as well as recreational activities and off-campus tours with Japanese students were offered to help the students get accustomed to life in Japan smoothly. In addition, the exchange students participated in a field trip to visit infrastructure construction sites in late September with the third graders of the School of Engineering. This overnight trip was organized to visit two sites a day, or four sites in total: Shinhimi-Tunnel construction site, Koishihara River Dam construction site, Hakusui Reservoir Dam and Kumamoto Earthquake restoration site (Aso Bridge area). It must have inspired those students in civil engineering to see the technology and ideas behind infrastructure maintenance in Japan, which aim to prevent and recover from disasters. The trip also served as a great opportunity to make friends with Japanese students, including those who had participated in the Summer School Program in FY2018.

Nagasaki University will continue to support the exchange students to make their study and research at Nagasaki as meaningful as possible in the next six or twelve months.


Two Japanese students started the short-term exchange program based on the credit transfer system.

The student exchange for the CAMPUS Asia Program 2019 has been fully started in September. In the middle of rainy days in early September, two Japanese students accompanied by international coordinators departed from Nagasaki for Shandong University, China and Sungkyunkwan University, Korea respectively.

After going through the administrative procedures for course and dormitory registration, each student paid a visit to his supervisor and other staff members who would support his student life during the exchange program. Both students were greeted with warm welcome from host universities, which seemed to have reduced their initial tension. They are currently leading a fulfilling student life without any problem. Nagasaki University will continue to provide assistance to contribute to their fruitful experience during the six months’ program.