Implementation Report for Academic Years 2021・2022 is published.

Two years have passed since “Mode 3” of this project was adopted, along with the worldwide spread of COVID-19 pandemic since 2019. While it has been difficult to study abroad, through trial and error among the five universities, more than 60 students have been able to participate in this project over the past two years. We strongly hope that these international activities of Nagasaki University will be widely recognized and appreciated, and that this will eventually lead to appropriate and sustainable mutually beneficial relations among Japan, China, South Korea, and ASEAN countries. We are pleased to present our implementation report for academic years 2021 and 2022. For details, please refer to the attached report.

The English Version of the Implementation Report for 2021・2022 is available here.


Invitation to Information Sessions and Call for Applications of the following programs: “Japan-China-Korea Double Degree Program”, “Hybrid Short-Term Academic Exchange Program”, and “English Skill Improvement Seminar” in the Academic year 2023.

We will hold information sessions on the ” Japan-China-Korea Double Degree Program,” “Hybrid Short-Term Academic Exchange Program”, and “English Skill Improvement Seminar” of the Campus Asia Program, which will be implemented in 2023 Academic year, on the dates below. You are most welcome to join if:
– you are considering studying abroad, or
– you want to be able to speak English for studying abroad, or,
– you want to be able to speak English but not interested in studying abroad.

For more information, five information sessions will be held as follows. Advance application is required.

Date & Time:4/24 (Mon), 4/25 (Tue), 4/26 (Wed), 4/27 (Thu) 12:10-12:40
   4/28 (Fri) 16:10-17:00
Venue:Civil Eng. Course Meeting Room, 3rd floor, Engineering Bldg. No. 1, Faculty of Engineering
Eligibility:All students of Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering.

※The information session is open to all students from 1st year undergraduates to M2 students.
※The DD program is for M1 students, while the Hybrid Short-Term Program and English Seminar are available for students of all grades.
※English skill improvement seminar will be offered throughout the year.

【For pre-registration in information session URL・QR code】

We are looking forward to meeting you

For Inquiry:Please contact Campus Asia Secretariat