Symposium for Campus Asia Program by Shandong University, Sungkyunkwan University and Nagasaki University was held!

The “Project to Strengthen the University’s Global-scale Development” that cultivates human resources capable of contributing to the development of Asia is a program carried out by three universities in Japan, China and South Korea in collaboration. At the start of the project, the representatives from each university gathered at Nagasaki University and had a signing ceremony. In addition, a discussion on Credit Transfer System as well as lectures by Professor Yozo Fujino (professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo and professor of Yokohama National University), and Associate Professor Kenji Tanaka of Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University were held, making it a great opportunity to learn deeply about the role of infrastructures in the future. It was a fruitful symposium, with 5 attendees from Shandong University, 5 attendees from Sungkyunkwan University, and 11 attendees from Nagasaki University.