Presentation Session by Three Inbound DD Students

On August 2, 2023, three international students accepted from Shandong University based on the Double Degree Program (“DD Program”) as part of Campus Asia project delivered presentation on their achievement. Their supervisors, other faculty and administrative staff members concerned, as well as other students in the same laboratory attended in this presentation session.

Looking back on the past year at Nagasaki University, three international students shared their academic and research experiences, particularly the research activities and achievements on their master thesis work, and the status of progress in preparing for the interim report. They also talked about their personal memories with many photographs, including distinctive food they had tried in Nagasaki, daily life in the dormitory, their impression on Nagasaki in general, and how much they enjoyed traveling other cities in Japan.

In the survey conducted after the program, the students responded “satisfactory” or “good” to all questionnaire items. When asked about the changes they recognize before and after the program, they commented as follows: “This experience has changed my life tremendously. Through the exchange life, I gained opportunities to acquire basic English skills, meet many new different people, and learn about the world.” “In the international exchange, I have been blessed with many academic and research opportunities and have significantly improved my abilities in cross-cultural communication as well as Japanese language skills.” The survey result demonstrates that the exchange program at Nagasaki University has contributed to their personal growth and inspired them to explore the possibilities of studying in the doctoral course. It is a privilege for staff to see the positive impact of Campus Asia project.

At the conclusion of the session, Professor Tanabe, Head of the Water and Environmental Science Program, delivered a speech to appreciate the hard work and achievement of the international students. It is hoped that their experience at Nagasaki University will be a lifelong asset for their future, helping them to contribute to society as a bridge among Japan, China and Korea in the infrastructure industry. The students in the DD Program are expected to graduate from Nagasaki University in March 2024 after completing their master thesis in close collaboration with supervisors in both universities.