4th Campus Asia Round Table Meeting

The 4th working-level round table meeting on Campus Asia project was held at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore on July 26, 2023. This meeting was conducted in a hybrid-style, with both in-person and online participants. Working-level representatives from Shandong University, Sungkyunkwan University, Nanyang Technological University, and National University of Laos, as well as faculty and staff members from the Graduate School of Engineering and the International Planning Division of Nagasaki University, participated in the meeting and actively discussed and exchanged opinions. For the first time since Covid-19 pandemic, faculty members from Shandong University were finally able to attend such an in-person meeting.

At this meeting, various topics were covered, including online lectures being conducted as part of the “Hybrid Short-term Program” this year. The attendees exchanged ideas on how to encourage the participating undergraduate and graduate students from various academic backgrounds to deepen their understanding of the lectures. Another challenge discussed was about whether the financial support could be provided to students from ASEAN universities to cover their travel expenses. Furthermore, with students from Shandong University participating in person for the first time, this year’s program is expected to bring more international exchange opportunities than ever. Other topics discussed included the number of exchanged students as well as the implemention status and challenges in the “JCK Double Degree Program” and the “Hybrid Short-term Program.”

Since the launch of the “International Collaboration Laboratory” office, Nagasaki University and Shandong University engaged in detailed discussion prior to entering into an agreement. Sungkyunkwan University also expressed its intention to join the agreement. Further preparation will be arranged to conclude the agreement before the end of this academic year. The “International Collaboration Laboratory,” as one of the key highlights of this program, is expected to play a vital role in promoting and expanding research among DD students and faculty members.