The participating students have been selected for the CAMPUS Asia program!

Following the 4th round-table meeting held on May 27 in Shandong University, China, the selection process for participants started in each university.

Today on June 9, both incoming and outgoing students have been determined to participate in the program. Nagasaki University will send three graduate students to Sungkyunkwan University, Korea and one graduate student to Shandong University, China, to participate in the six-month exchange program starting in the end of August. Meanwhile, Nagasaki University will accept five students each from Sungkyunkwan University and Shandong University, making the total of incoming students ten.

Furthermore, six undergraduate students from the School of Engineering will participate in the summer program to be held in Sungkyunkwan University for four weeks starting on July 24. Out of six, five students major in the Civil and Environmental Engineering, and one of them majors in the Chemistry and Materials Engineering. These students are expected to make the most of this opportunity to improve their language skills required as global human resources.

Three groups, namely “Group for Exchange Program”, “Group for Curriculum Management” and “Group for Planning of Double Degree Program,” will regularly organize meetings and discussions. Nagasaki University will further cooperate with our partner universities to review the detailed program, including the academic schedules, class list offered in hosting university, supervisor assignment, accommodation and daily life.