CAMPUS Asia Winter Short-Term Exchange Program in NAGASAKI

Six graduate students from Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) in Korea came to Nagasaki University (NU) to participate in “CAMPUS Asia Winter Short-Term Exchange Program in Nagasaki” from January 15th through 26th, 2024. The program was designed as part of CAMPUS Asia Program and those SKKU graduate students were accepted as “special research student” for two weeks.

The program mainly consisted of three parts: 1) lectures, 2) site visits, and 3) practical exercises at laboratory, and key themes were on Japan’s natural disaster and its reconstruction efforts, and also, watershed, soil and environment protection and management. After obtaining basic knowledge with lectures, students made a field trip to disaster-stricken Shimabara (volcanic eruption occurred in 1990) and Kumamoto (earthquake occurred in 2016) and witnessed the magnitude of natural disasters and learned how Japanese people responded and restored with advanced technologies to cope with the situation. Students were also assigned to two laboratories, i.e. Watershed Environment Lab and Structural Engineering Lab, and experienced practical exercises such as field study, experiment and data analysis.

Besides the lectures and lab exercises, cultural programs such as Japanese language lesson, Japanese food cooking, and student exchange session with NU students were also organized for better understanding of Japanese culture. During the private time, students were busy exploring Nagasaki and enjoyed eating Japanese cuisine, taking street cars and wandering around the city on their own.

On the last day of this program, three faculty members of SKKU attended in person to observe final presentation session, and students made group presentations on what they have learned and experienced during this program and how the program contributed to stimulate their intellectual curiosity. As some of them already expressed their interest in pursing their study-abroad in the future, we hope that many students at SKKU will become more familiar with CAMPUS Asia Program and participate in the program in the future.