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Reporting Session and Program Completion Ceremony for Short-term Exchange Students

Ten exchange students of Shandong University and Sungkyunkwan University who were studying at Nagasaki University through Inter-university Exchange Project gave a reporting session on February 8, 2018. The students looked back their study abroad experience in Nagasaki University for the time of their stay (September 2017 – February 2018), and reported what they have accomplished through this experience.

In the presentation, students talked about Nagasaki, their study at the university, cafeteria and dorms, and how they spent their weekends. There were a number of comments from the students saying that they didn’t want to go back to their home country or they wanted to study abroad one more time in Nagasaki, and these comments indicate the program to be a great success. We hope that our trilateral relationship among three universities gets closer and closer with opportunities like this.

According to the survey conducted on exchange students, students were very satisfied with the special program carried out in September, Japanese classes offered at the university, a field trip to job-site in a different prefecture, the content of the lecture, study environment, and scholarship system. On the other hand, they suggested that there needs to be better internet accessibility at dorms, and the activities to experience Japanese culture were not planned enough. Students’ comments made us aware of the areas we need to improve for the future program. With these valuable information, we would like to fully prepare ourselves to provide a better environment and student support for the upcoming exchange students. At the end, Professor Tada, Graduate school of engineering, congratulated students’ accomplishment with the certificate of completion, which made students very proud of themselves.

Student exchange for the year of 2017 was accomplished, and a summary meeting is planned to be held next month. With the new points to be improved, we would like to continue to work hard for the success of the program.