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Pre-departure briefing sessions were held for the short-term exchange program in Korea and the long-term exchange program in China

On August 16 and 23, 2018, pre-departure briefing sessions were held for four participating students who will start the study program in Sungkyunkwan University, Korea or Shandong University, China from the end of August. Two of them will study abroad for a short-term period (six months) based on the credit transfer system, and the other two will study abroad for a long-term period (one year) based on the double degree program.

Following encouragement remarks by Prof. Akihide Tada, the managing director of the project, the international coordinators provided the students with detailed information, including some tips on living in China or Korea, precautions about temporarily returning to Japan, recommended items to bring and registration procedures for their courses. Every outbound student who participate in this project are required to register for OSSMA (Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance) membership, which provides an assistance in both English and Japanese in case of emergency. Pre-departure guidance on safety management is provided through handing out a guidebook and emergency contact list to help the students feel safe while studying abroad.

Upon their departure and as their study progresses, the international coordinators and supervisors at each university will work even more closely to share information in order to flexibly address any issues or concerns over their study and risk management at the host university.