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“International Symposium on Infrastructure Maintenance and Management in Asia” was held as part of CAMPUS Asia Program.

On March 27, 2019, the “International Symposium on Infrastructure Maintenance and Management in Asia” took place at Nagasaki University Bunkyo campus. This symposium was held as part of the “Inter-University Exchange Project: China-Japan-Korea Intercollegiate Cooperative Project for Nurturing Leading Infrastructure Engineers.” Nagasaki University Graduate School of Engineering has launched this project in 2016, which is more commonly known as “CAMPUS Asia Program.” The symposium is intended to further develop the project and to expand it to other universities in ASEAN countries.

Nagasaki University invited guest lecturers from prestigious universities in Asia, including Shandong University (China), Sungkyunkwan University (Korea), Hasanuddin University (Indonesia), Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia), Naresuan University (Thailand), Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Vietnam), National University of Laos (Lao PDR), Gifu University (Japan) and Miyazaki University (Japan). The lecturers presented their expertise on infrastructure maintenance and management in their own research field and shared ideas with faculty members of Nagasaki University. Each session focused on specific topics such as “Bridge Engineering and Structural Engineering”, “Road Engineering and Tunnel Engineering”, and “Water Resources and Water Environment”. Furthermore, three Japanese universities introduced their educational programs for nurturing infrastructure engineers, while Shandong University represented to share the trilateral student exchange program based on the CAMPUS Asia Program. Approximately 40 participants at the symposium have raised their awareness of common issues in infrastructure maintenance. They have also recognized the importance of nurturing human resources who can support the infrastructure related technology and have discussed the possibility of international collaboration in this field.

On March 28, the guests from Southeast Asian countries joined an excursion to visit Megami-ohashi (Venus Bridge), Nagasaki Expressway tunnel construction site, Dejima Front Gate Bridge and Megane-bashi (Spectacle Bridge). The participants asked various questions during the excursion, which served as a good opportunity for them to see infrastructure related sites in Japan.

In the meantime, the “Third Consortium Steering Committee for Nurturing Leading Infrastructure Engineers” in conjunction with the 10th Round Table Meeting was held at Nagasaki University with participation of faculty members of Shandong University, Sungkyunkwan University and Nagasaki University. The meeting covered various topics including summer school, short-term exchange based on the credit transfer system, long-term exchange based on the double degree program and syllabus of the joint curriculum for “Infrastructure Maintenance Engineering”. Further development of the project is highly expected in the coming year of AY2019.