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Japanese outbound students attended the third TOEIC seminars.

From June 19 to July 10, 2019, a series of TOEIC seminars took place for four times at Bunkyo campus of Nagasaki University, led by an AEON English teacher. Seven outbound students who are going to take TOEIC tests on July 28, 2019 attended the seminars to improve their English skill. Two graduate students will start the Short-Term (six months) Exchange Program based on the credit transfer system from September 2019. The other five undergraduate students will participate in the Summer School Program on Infrastructure, starting on August 10 or 11.

Based on the distributed study materials in each seminar, students were asked to read out questions and check their answers each other. The lecturer then gave a detailed explanation. The focus of this seminar was to give practical exercise through repeated practice in answering actual TOEIC questions. Besides the TOEIC test preparation, dictation and shadowing practice was incorporated into the lecture as applicable. Many students said that the seminars had helped to dispel concerns about their English skills before studying abroad.