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The 4th round table meeting for the CAMPUS Asia program was held!

The 4th round table meeting for the CAMPUS Asia program was held on May 27 in Jinan campus of Shandong University, China. The delegate from Graduate School of Engineering, Nagasaki University was consisted of six faculty members including Prof. Omine, Head of the Course of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Prof. Jun Kyungsoo, Dean of the Graduate School of Water Resources, Sungkyunkwan University also participated in the meeting. From Shandong University, Prof. Liu Jian, Vice Dean of the School of Civil Engineering and Mr. Liu Mingli, Deputy Director the International Office welcomed the delegates from Korea and Japan.


During the meeting, participants discussed about the progress of preparation for upcoming programs and any potential issues to be addressed beforehand. Six-month exchange program based on the credit-transfer system will be starting in the end of August this year. Sungkyunkwan University will also host one-month summer program from the end of July through the middle of August. The double degree program was also covered in the meeting to explore the possibilities for its implementation next year.


The CAMPUS Asia program will fully initiate the trilateral student exchange this year. Summer program will also be hosted by Sungkyunkwan University from the end of July. Shandong University and Nagasaki University have already selected the participating students mainly among undergraduate students. Their comments and feedback will be highly appreciated when they return home. Six-month exchange program is also on progress, preparing for its start in the end of August. Student exchange among China, Korea and Japan will be further encouraged through various types of exchange programs.