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Chinese/Korean language lessons have started for graduate students who will participate in the CAMPUS Asia program.

Even though all classes will be conducted in English based on the credit transfer system in the CAMPUS Asia program, Chinese/Korean language skills at elementary level are imperative for students’ cross-cultural understanding and experiences.

As part of the project, Nagasaki University hired bilingual staff members from China and Korea as our international coordinators. They stared to teach their native languages to the graduate students who plan to study in Shandong University, China or Sungkyunkwan University, Korea for six months from the end of this August.

Korean language has much in common with Japanese, including its grammar and phrases. On the other hand, pronunciation is the most critical part of learning Chinese. The student is trying very hard to use the four tones of Chinese. All participating students have shown strong motivation to learn a foreign language. International coordinators are delighted to help these students to improve their language skills necessary for a productive student life in China and Korea.