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Double Degree Program and Short-Term Study Abroad Program students came to Japan!

In early September, four Double Degree exchange students in total arrived in Nagasaki. Three students from Shandong University in China, and one from Sungkyunkwan University in Korea Will study at Nagasaki University for one year, and six months, respectively.

On September 5, orientation was held to provide an overview of Nagasaki University, the schedule of classes to be held at Nagasaki University, and introduction of faculty members. In addition, the international coordinators explained in detail the procedures and important points to keep in mind for daily life in Japan.

A pre-entrance education program was held during September for all international exchange students to enable them to smoothly attend lectures starting in October. Mainly elementary level Japanese language course was provided, as well as recreational activities with Japanese students to familiarize them with Japanese life.

We are also planning Japanese infrastructure construction sites visits for the inbound international exchange students in the future, and we will do our utmost to support the students and make their education and research experience at Nagasaki University more valuable.