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Pre-departure Language Lessons (Chinese, Korean and English) have started for Outbound Students from Nagasaki University

Pre-departure language lessons are being provided by the international coordinators for the four graduate students who will study in Shandong University, China and Sungkyunkwan University, Korea in 2018.

This year’s student mobility program includes not only the short-term (6 months) exchange program based on the credit transfer system but also the long-term (1 year) double degree program. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to acquire basic language (Chinese and Korean) skills for everyday communication during their long-term study period in China or Korea. The lessons are also intended to help the students improve their English skills and be equipped for the lectures conducted in English.

During the lessons, useful tips and advice on living and studying abroad are given to prepare the students for a fruitful study abroad experience. The participating students are keen to learn grammar and pronunciation of Chinese or Korean and to understand different culture more deeply with high ambition and motivation.