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Round-table meeting with Shandong University was held on CAMPUS Asia Monitoring+ project

On Sunday July 15, 2018, Prof. Akihide Tada, Vice President for International Exchange at Nagasaki University, accompanied by an administrative staff, visited Qingdao campus of Shandong University to have a face-to-face meeting with representatives at Shandong University for the first time about the CAMPUS Asia Monitoring+ project.

The meeting mainly covered how to respond to this year’s monitoring+ initiatives led by educational institutions in Japan, China and Korea. During the meeting, it was confirmed that each university had been given related instructions by governmental institutions of each country. Detailed discussions were made on basic concept of sharing roles and responsibilities among the three universities in drafting the required report.

Nagasaki University also reported that it had submitted the mid-term report of the CAMPUS Asia program on July 13, 2018 to the ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology in Japan. Some of our good practices are described in this report, many of which could be diverted to the Self-Assessment Report of monitoring+. Nagasaki University offered to provide this mid-term report upon translating into English.

Nagasaki University additionally reported that the first external review committee is planned to take place on July 23. In response, Shandong University proposed to hold a joint external review committee by the three universities in order to ensure the educational quality of the CAMPUS Asia program.

Finally, the meeting was concluded in a positive atmosphere towards jointly completing the Self-Assessment Report by the three universities in line with the schedule and roles.